Finnegans Wake–mallerminst niet het einde

Derek Pyle invited Facetten into his wild and wonderful online project Waywords and Meansigns. Musicians and readers from all over the world have recreated Finnegans Wake by James Joyce as an audible work of art and posted their work on the site. Using the translation by Robbert-Jan Henkes and Erik Bindervoet, readers Julia Henneman and Judith Brokking joined percussionist extraordinaire Yung-Tuan Ku and me in rehearsing and recording a portion of the Wake, pages 373-377.

To my delight I found the music files last week and realized that they were indeed the right audio form to submit to the project. And re-listening, I realized how well the language and musical elements worked. Both Julia Henneman and Judith Brokking are exceptionally musical artists, and Yung-Tuan is virtuosic, intuitive and witty. And I had fun! So without further ado, please enjoy and wander about the Finnegans Wake to other renditions. Paasgreet. Angus! Angus! Angus!